General description

PSC-250T/BASIC is a highly efficient, energy-efficient and elastics coating for thermal insulation. The material is nontoxic, environmentally friendly and form a single membrane. It is available in white colour. After application it forms a matte coating, similar to gypsum.

Typical uses and appliance

COLORS The standard color is white. Other shades can be prepared on request using water-soluble dyes (eg .Jotun, Hempel, Nippon).

NOTE: We recommend using light shades, darker colors have lower reflection of sunlight.


PSC-250T/BASIC is used as a primer coat before applying the main layer - PSC-250T/BUILD. It is resistant to corrosion, water condensation and C4/C5 chemical environments.

PSC-250T/BASIC is applied in order to increase the insulation parameters for the main layer - PSC- 250T/BUILD.

Metals, all kinds of steel, aluminium, non-ferrous metals, metal roofs, metal storage tanks, pipes, valves, various industrial installations. DO NOT USE ON: : PE, HDPE, PP, PTFE and other plastics

Surface preparation

All surfaces must be clean and free of efflorescence, dust, dirt, oil and grease. For cleaning metal surfaces, it is advised to use a wire brush or sandpaper. All rust must be removed from metal surfaces. Smooth surfaces must be mechanically roughened . For metal surfaces it is recommended to use primer paints based on reactive resins.
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