PScoat for Buildings


    PScoat is a system designed for an extensive building protection - both

    outside and inside

    in winter, it prevents the heat loss, while in summer, it reduced overheating and helps to keep the temperature inside cool.

    All these benefits and results are achieved without the necessity of installing traditional insulation systems.

How does it work?

    The vacuum based, quartz microspheres with unique properties are reflecting sunbeams just like a mirror.

    PScoat products are combined into a thermal reflective layer, which can effectively replace traditional thermal insulation solutions.

Surfaces / Color

    PSCoat can be applied on all kinds of building surfaces, such as: mineral plasters, acrylic plasters, styrofoam or directly on bricks.

    It preserves the original look of the building - keeps the relief of architectural elements, which helps to insulate e.g. historical buildings or balcony walls without visible changes. Standard PSC color is white, but it can be tinted on-site according to the RAL sampler. Dark shades are not recommended.


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